Individuální kurz fotografování pro cizince

Fotokurz pro cizince

Photography lesson in English

My opinion is that even in the world of adults the easy way of understanding is one of the key factors leading to success. That is why I am always trying to explain things clearly and to use practical demonstrations for clients to have an opportunity to try their new knowledge immediately.

I always adjust the content of a photographical lesson according to the needs of each of the clients, so we had the opportunity to take photos of many different objects from jewellery to skyscrapers during the lessons.

If the needs of a client are focused on acquiring good pictures for his/her bussiness (photos usable for e-shops, webpages an so on) than the result often is that the client goes home with the first batch of photos loaded on his/her memory card.

And I always adjust the lesson according to the level of knowledge of each client. That is why I am always asking the clinet to send me dozen of his/her best pictures prior to the lesson. Thanks to this approach I can easily estimate the focus of interest of each client and the subjects of photography that would be good to explain more deeply as well.


Individual photography lesson for half day (4 hours)

Price: 2.900 CZK

Individual photography lesson for whole day (8 hours)

Price: 5.900 CZK

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